Winter 2023 Troop Fundraiser – Wreath Sales

Happy Holidays from your friends and neighbors at Troop 861, thank you for exploring our Winter Wreath Sale fundraising page!

Our wreaths are made from fresh, sustainably-harvested evergreen boughs trimmed to promote forest growth. The trees are not cut down!

About $10 from each piece you buy goes directly toward the scout selling to you. Make sure to ask them what kind of adventures they take on!

Wreaths will last about 45 days, longer if the weather stays cooler.


After completing the order form below, send payment through Zelle (, or by making a check payable to Troop 861 making sure to include your address in the notes/memo field.

All orders are due by November 6th, with an expected delivery date between November 27 – December 5th. Deliveries must be within 10 miles of Central Lutheran Church, unless special arrangements are made with the scout selling to you.

For additional inquiries, please contact or

THANK YOU for supporting Troop 861!

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Wreath – 22" Noble Fir
Wreath – 28" Mixed Evergreen
Wreath – 22" Mixed Evergreen
Swag – Noble Fir Door Swag
Deco – Tall & Snowy Reindeer
please remember to include your address number and street in the notes field on Zelle and Checks.
Scout Name